Roosevelt Warm Springs Police Department, Ga., Selects Live Scan from EAS

We’re very happy to have Roosevelt Warm Springs Police Department on board as our newest customer.  The agency selected their first Live Scan from us due to our cost-effective records submission services and ability to provide a customized solution to fit their needs.  The department wanted one Live Scan with the durability and functionality of a cabinet system along with the flexibility of a portable setup.  So the solution we assembled for the PD is a combination of both.  The system’s single ten-print fingerprint scanner can be easily dismounted from its steel cabinet using the included quick-release button.  Once removed from the cabinet, the scanner can immediately be placed into its rugged travel case along with the supplied laptop.  This configuration allows the operator to hit the road with the system at a moment’s notice and reverse the setup with ease upon returning to the main office.

EAS Introduces Cabinet Retrofit Solution at Candler County Sheriff’s Office, Ga.

We recently formulated a retrofit solution for older Cross Match Technologies cabinet systems and introduced it for the first time at Candler County Sheriff’s Office.  The retrofit process includes replacing old Lite-Xe or Lite-Ue fingerprint scanners with brand new models, upgrading Live Scan PCs to run Eagle*Print, and installing integrator kits in each cabinet.  The integrator kits allow the new smaller scanners to be mounted flush inside of the original scanner compartments.  The kits also connect the new scanners to the older foot pedal adapters found on the legacy cabinets.  This retrofit solution will allow Candler County and similar agencies to reap most of the benefits of using newer components without incurring the cost of a brand new cabinet.