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Criminal and Applicant Live Scan Fingerprinting

Cost-Effective and Feature-Rich Live Scan Fingerprinting

Eagle*Print allows an operator to input or capture a subject’s demographic information, fingerprints, palm prints, and mugshots in NIST-compliant format. A variety of scanning, imaging, and optional input peripherals facilitate that process. The system can submit the captured data to state-run or national AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) clearinghouses for various identification, background checks, and arrest/booking purposes.


The operator also can print out hard copies of the corresponding FBI Applicant, Criminal, or Palm Print cards which can be archived or hand-carried as needed. Our Eagle*Print Live Scan system can also be configured to receive, display, and print state and FBI responses – if allowed in your state or by your governing body. Whether you process 20 records per month or 20,000, we can tailor a Criminal or Applicant solution to fit your needs.

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Live Scan Options

Live Scan Fingerprinting can be configured to be used by law enforcement agencies or schools. The basic function of fingerprinting criminals, employees, or applicants is the same.

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Optionally protected by a rugged steel cabinet, Eagle*Print Criminal Live Scan systems are typically used by Sheriff’s Offices, Police Departments, State Patrol Divisions, and Corrections Departments. During the arrest/booking process, the system allows a subject to be positively identified, background-checked, and charged with criminal offenses that are added to the subject’s state and federal criminal history record pending final disposition. A law enforcement agency may also use the same Live Scan system to print subjects for any Applicant purpose the agency is responsible for in their municipality or jurisdiction.

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With the same great functionality as our Criminal Live Scans, Eagle*Print Applicant Live Scans are usually offered as desktop systems or in portable configurations featuring rugged travel cases. They can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes. Law enforcement agencies may use the Applicant system to background-check their own employees, periodically re-verify Registered Sex Offenders, and for other Applicant purposes. Probate or magistrate courts often use the Live Scan in the process of issuing gun permits and liquor licenses. School systems may use our Applicant Live Scan to background check their teachers, volunteers, and other employees who may be in contact with children. Family and children’s services departments may use the system for employment background checks or checks related to adoptions or child welfare cases. Airlines and airports use our Applicant Live Scans to perform pre-employment and recurring background checks now required for all aviation workers and certain airport employees.

To simplify the fingerprinting process for airlines and airports, our Eagle*Print Applicant Live Scan is fully compatible with the ID Flats submission specification approved by the AAAE (American Association of Airport Executives). Acquisition of fingerprints via the ID Flats method speeds up the process by eliminating the need to capture full sets of flat and rolled prints.

Live Scan Add-Ons for Georgia Customers



Eagle*IPS (Internet Protocol Solution) is a convenient and cost-effective service we’re able to offer to our Criminal and Applicant Live Scan customers in Georgia.


Bypassing the need to maintain a dedicated hardware VPN connection between the agency and the state network, Eagle*IPS allows a Live Scan to encrypt and securely submit records to the Georgia AFIS through a secure server we host at the GCIC (Georgia Crime Information Center). Encrypted responses return to the system along the same path between our server and the Live Scan workstation.



Typically utilized by Georgia organizations with several Live Scans, the main component of the solution is a central submission and response server which makes it easier to manage a large number of records.


Encrypted submissions from multiple Live Scans within the organization can be sent to the Store & Forward server. The server then forwards the data to our GCIC server or directly to the AFIS via hardware VPN, and responses come back to the Store & Forward server along the same path the records were sent through.


Submission status and responses can be viewed locally on the server or through a separate viewer utility installed on one or more workstations.


The Store & Forward server can also be configured on a per Live Scan basis to keep responses on the server for administrator review only, or responses can be sent back to the originating Live Scan – or both. This gives administrators the flexibility to track and control all of their submissions and responses as their organization sees fit.

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