Pioneer RESA, Ga., Puts Eagle*Print to Work in High Volume Environment

Pioneer Regional Educational Service Agency just added an Eagle*Print Applicant Live Scan to supplement the legacy system they already had.  The agency utilizes our Eagle*Store & Forward and Eagle*IPS solutions to process a high volume of fingerprint records on behalf of 15 different school systems in northeast Georgia.  To optimize Eagle*Print for this demanding fast-paced environment, we streamlined and sped up the fingerprint capture process in a few ways.  First, we added the ability for Eagle*Print to import demographic data from the agency’s applicant registry software, which keeps on-site information entry to a minimum.  Then, we enabled the toggling of “no roll preview” and “auto advance.”  These two scanning options allow skilled operators to move faster from print to print.  Finally, we integrated a stand-alone foot pedal into the program.  The pedal allows agencies with desktop or portable systems to enjoy the same convenience and increased scanning speed that cabinet foot pedals provide.  We are very grateful to Pioneer RESA for testing each feature and giving our product engineers the invaluable feedback which made these improvements possible.

Loganville Police Department, Ga., Procures First Live Scan System from EAS

We’d like to welcome Loganville Police Department to the EAS customer family.  We’re thrilled that they chose to purchase their very first Live Scan from us.  Not only is it the agency’s first electronic fingerprinting solution, the Live Scan we installed is also the first Eagle*Print cabinet system and marks the addition of a new scanner make and model to our hardware compatibility list.  Featuring a locking steel cabinet, industrial monitor, touchpad keyboard, integrated foot pedals and a high-performance laser printer, the system will serve all of the PD’s criminal and applicant fingerprint processing needs.

Towns County Sheriff’s Office, Ga., Reimplements RMS/JMS and Live Scan Solutions from EAS

A valued customer in the past, Towns County Sheriff’s Office is once again using our Eagle*Advantage software for records and jail management.  The RMS/JMS installation features a newly-integrated IP camera for taking high-quality mugshots and a remote application solution which allows users to run the software seamlessly from an off-site location.  The Sheriff’s Office is also taking advantage of our Live Scan solution again, including the Eagle*IPS records submission service which allows fingerprints and criminal histories to be securely sent to and from the Georgia AFIS over the Internet.  We’re gratified that the agency chose us as a provider once more, largely due to our responsive and helpful customer support team.