Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office, Ga., Returns to EAS for Live Scan Solution

We’re proud to welcome back Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office as a returning customer. The agency recently chose to return to EAS for their Live Scan solution. We will once again provide Lumpkin County with Live Scan software, hardware and records submission services. The sheriff’s office cited our outstanding and responsive customer support as one of the principal reasons they decided to come back.

Pike County Sheriff’s Office, Ga., to Implement Multiple Solutions from EAS

Pike County Sheriff’s Office has chosen to implement the Eagle*Advantage Records Management System and Eagle*Advantage Jail Management System, as well as a full Live Scan solution including our secure records submission service. The submission service will allow the sheriff’s office to send encrypted fingerprints and demographic data from their Live Scan to the state at a much lower cost than with other alternatives. We’ll also be converting data from the agency’s legacy software into their new RMS/JMS, ensuring continuity between the systems. We’re excited we’ll be able to assist Pike County in fulfilling so many of their public safety software and service needs.