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Navigating the NIBRS Mandate: A Seamless Transition with Eagle Advantage Solutions

Calhoun PD Navigates the NIBRS Mandate

In the ever-evolving landscape of law enforcement technology, adapting to change can be a formidable challenge. Eagle Advantage Solutions emerged as an invaluable partner during the transition to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). With 29 years of law enforcement experience, Sgt. Tracie Bailey shares her insights into the journey of incorporating NIBRS seamlessly into their operations.

The NIBRS Mandate

Calhoun Police Department began its partnership with Eagle Software several years ago, laying the foundation for a reliable and efficient Records Management System (RMS). As the NIBRS mandate loomed, the need for a smooth transition became paramount. Recognizing this, Eagle hosted a two-day training session in March in Carrollton, preparing agencies for the challenges posed by the new reporting system.

Training and Implementation

With apprehensions about embracing change, Sgt. Tracie Bailey found the training provided by Eagle Advantage to be instrumental in preparing her team for NIBRS. They commenced entering test data in April and received the green light from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to go live with NIBRS in July, despite the complexities of the new system, Sgt. Tracie Bailey attests that she never had to worry about seeking assistance. Eagle Advantage proved to be a steadfast companion, ensuring that every question related to NIBRS entry requirements was promptly addressed.

Exceptional Customer Support

In law enforcement, where time is of the essence, having reliable support is crucial. Sgt. Tracie Bailey emphasizes that Eagle Advantage goes above and beyond, treating their clients like family. The support received for NIBRS-related queries was comprehensive and reassuring, demonstrating the commitment to customer satisfaction. Even for non-NIBRS issues, immediate assistance was just a call or email away, solidifying EAS as a dependable partner.

Family-like Relationship

Sgt. Tracie Bailey commends Eagle Advantage for fostering a familial atmosphere, where the customer is informed and supported from the beginning to the end. The proactive approach of the EAS team ensured that Calhoun PD not only met but exceeded the requirements of the new reporting mandate.

Calhoun Police Department's successful integration of NIBRS stands as a testament to the unwavering support provided by Eagle Advantage Solutions. The commitment to excellence, personalized training, and unparalleled customer support have established EAS as the go-to partner for law enforcement agencies navigating the complexities of modern RMS. With their assistance, Calhoun PD continues to fulfill its duty with efficiency, confidence, and the assurance that EAS is here for all its Public Safety Software needs.

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