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Eagle*Advantage RMS/JMS Officially Released

Our Eagle development team continually works to improve what’s already a robust and reliable solution. To that end, we’ve released the latest version of Eagle*Advantage RMS/JMS, which is the foundation of our product line. Version contains several new enhancements to the software, including a daily activity log for tracking common agency tasks. However, the main features we added in this release are report approval queues for supervisors and commanding officers and the messaging module that powers the process.

Message Center is a system-wide notification tool that provides users with the ability to view and manage their own messages upon login. It automatically generates notification messages and delivers them to individual users based on event triggers in the system. For example, notifications may be triggered when a report is ready for a supervisor’s approval, or when a reporting officer needs to make changes to a report. Individuals can also use Message Center to send intra-office memos to other Eagle users or to message groups created by the system administrator. We’re upbeat about the new module; we think customers will find it to be very useful for helping to handle their workflows.


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