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Eagle*Print Live Scans Obtained by Sheriff’s Office and Probate Court in Emanuel County, Ga.

We’d like to welcome two new Live Scan customers: Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office and Emanuel County Probate Court. Each agency now has a brand new Eagle*Print system complete with a fingerprint scanner, computer, monitor, keyboard, battery backup, network switch, and printer. We were able to adapt an older uncommon style of cabinet at the sheriff’s office to hold their new components, which will primarily be used for submitting Criminal prints. We installed the equipment at the probate court as a countertop system, which will primarily be used for processing Applicant prints. Both Live Scan systems are taking advantage of our Internet Protocol Solution (IPS) to securely transmit and receive records over the Internet. Signing up for EAGLE*IPS eliminated the need for the agencies to maintain a costly dedicated VPN connection to the Georgia AFIS.


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