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2013 Event Schedule: **Updated 10/14/2013**

Eagle Advantage Solutions, Inc., attended these conferences in 2013

GSA Sheriffs’ Winter Conference Atlanta, GA January 28-29, 2013

GSA Jail Administrator/Management Seminar Macon, GA March 26-28, 2013

GSA Command Staff Training Conference Macon, GA May 1-3, 2013

Tennessee Jail Issues Conference Nashville, TN May 20-22, 2013

Georgia Jail Association Conference St. Simons Island, GA June 23-26, 2013

GSA Sheriff’s Summer Conference Augusta, GA July 16-18, 2013

GACP Summer Training Conference Savannah, GA July 21-22, 2013

Georgia CJIS Training Symposium (TAC Conference) Savannah, GA August 12-15, 2013

Sex Offender Registry Management Conference Pine Mountain, GA August 20-23, 2013

GSA Administrative Staff Conference Young Harris, GA September 22-25, 2013


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