Eagle Advantage Solutions (EAS) offers the most complete, cost-effective law enforcement software on the market today. Data sharing, hardware and software interfaces, fully compliant uploads, customized options, built-in security – EAS provides everything you need to automate day-to-day operations. And you never have to worry about staying up to date, because EAS software upgrades are included in your annual maintenance at no extra charge.

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Eagle*Advantage RMS
is a comprehensive and proven law enforcement solution. Our Records Management System provides secure and reliable information flow throughout...
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Eagle*Advantage JMS
Data management is the key to a safe and efficient jail, and our Jail Management System is the ideal solution for county detention facilities...
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gives your officers access to critical information while they are on patrol. Developed using the latest technology...
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is an advanced correctional facility management solution which goes beyond standard jail management software...
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The heart of Eagle*Biometrics is our cost-effective, secure, and feature-rich Eagle*Print Live Scan system. Eagle*Print allows an operator to input...
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