Eagle*Advantage RMS

Eagle*Advantage Records Management System (RMS) is a comprehensive and proven law enforcement solution. Our RMS provides secure and reliable information flow throughout your agency. Multiple security levels control authorized user access, and continual audit trails protect against unauthorized access. Captured data meets all state and federal reporting requirements, and items such as stolen property are automatically crosschecked against existing RMS records. And it’s easily expandable to meet your agency’s long-term needs.

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Eagle*Advantage RMS Modules

RMS Records
  • Incident and Accident Reporting
  • Family Violence
  • Juvenile Complaints
  • Warrants, Subpoenas, and Civil Papers
  • Use of Force
  • Citations / Ticket Tracking
  • Receivables and Payments
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Searches – People, Address, Property, and Narrative/Comment
  • Firearms Registration
  • Impounded Vehicles
  • Investigations
  • Evidence Tracking
  • Pawned Items
  • Internal Affairs
  • NIBRS Crime Reporting
  • Standard and Custom Reports

RMS Investigations
  • Case Management
  • Subject, Suspect, Property and Associate Database
  • Evidence Tracking with Bar Coding
  • Field Interviews

RMS Administration
  • Personnel – Assigned Property, Training Records, and Daily Activity Logs
  • Fleet Management
  • System Administrator Management & Audits
  • Personnel Early Intervention System
  • Budgets & Vouchers
  • Report Approval Queues
  • Message Center

RMS Internal Affairs
  • Case Management
  • Search Utilities
  • Secure Access