2016 Event Schedule

After a successful and very busy 2015, Eagle Advantage Solutions is looking forward to 2016.  This year we plan to attend conferences in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.  Here’s the current schedule.  If you’re planning on attending one of the events listed below, we hope you’ll stop by and see us!

ASA Sheriffs’ Winter Conference
Hoover, Alabama
January 17-20, 2016

GACP Winter Training Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
January 23-24, 2016

GSA Sheriffs’ Winter Training Conference
Marietta, Georgia
January 26-28, 2016

GSA Jail Management Conference
Savannah, Georgia
February 15-17, 2016

AJA Spring Conference
Guntersville, Alabama
March 30 – April 1, 2016

TCI Jail Issues Conference
Franklin, Tennessee
April 11-12, 2016

GSA Command Staff Training Conference
Valdosta, Georgia
April 18-21, 2016

AAAE 88th Annual Conference & Exposition
Houston, Texas
May 15-18, 2016

GPWA Summer Conference
Savannah, Georgia
June 5-8, 2016

MSA Sheriff’s Summer Conference
Biloxi, Mississippi
June 6-10, 2016

GJA Summer Training Conference
Young Harris, Georgia
June 26-28, 2016

GACP Summer Training Conference
Savannah, Georgia
July 24-25, 2016

TSA Sheriffs’ Annual Conference & Exhibition
Sevierville, Tennessee
July 25-29, 2016

GSA Sheriffs’ Summer Conference
Macon, Georgia
August 2-4, 2016

GATAC CJIS Symposium
Savannah, Georgia
August 22-25, 2016

GSA Administrative Staff Conference
Young Harris, Georgia
September 18-21, 2016

COAG Fall Conference
Savannah, Georgia
November 14-18, 2016

MSA Sheriffs’ Winter Conference
Biloxi, Mississippi
December 5-9, 2016


Glossary of Acronyms:

AAAE – American Association of Airport Executives
– Alabama Jail Association
– Alabama Sheriffs’ Association
– Criminal Justice Information Services
GACP – Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police
GATAC – Georgia Association of Terminal Agency Coordinators
GJA – Georgia Jail Association
COAG – Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia
GPWA – Georgia Prison Wardens’ Association
GSA – Georgia Sheriffs’ Association
MSA – Mississippi Sheriffs’ Association
TCI – Tennessee Corrections Institute
TSA – Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association