Thomas County Sheriff’s Office, Ga., Adds Eagle*Mobile

Already a valued Eagle*Advantage RMS/JMS customer, Thomas County Sheriff’s Office has added our Eagle*Mobile product to their patrol vehicles. With the associated aircard, printer, driver’s license scanner, and GPS receiver, officers can conveniently run NCIC searches, create and print e-tickets, and see the exact location of their police car and others on the integrated maps. Mobile also connects to the RMS/JMS database at the Sheriff’s Office, allowing officers to enter accident reports, incident reports, and field interviews while still out on patrol.

Grady County Probate Court, Ga., Gets Eagle*Print for Applicant Fingerprinting

The Grady County Probate Court is the latest customer to get Eagle*Print to fulfill their fingerprinting needs.  We just installed a desktop system at the court complete with a USB foot pedal for easy hands-free operation and a driver’s license scanner for speedy data entry.  Using our solution, the probate court can capture and securely submit fingerprints themselves for applicant purposes, such as background checks for gun permits, rather than outsourcing the process or sending county residents back and forth to busy law enforcement agencies in town.

Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, Ga., Adopts Eagle*Advantage and Eagle*Print for New Jail

Already a Live Scan customer, we’re happy to disclose that Randolph County Sheriff’s Office has adopted the Eagle*Advantage RMS/JMS suite for use in their brand new jail facility.  The comprehensive and complementary records and jail management packages will provide the sheriff’s office with numerous advantages over their legacy software, and our data conversion service will preserve their old incident reports for use in the new system.  In conjunction with the installation of Eagle*Advantage and the opening of the new jail, we also retrofitted the agency’s Live Scan to run our Eagle*Print capture application and use a current-generation fingerprint scanner.