2014 Event Schedule ** Updated 7/21/2014 **

Here’s a schedule of conferences Eagle Advantage Solutions, Inc., plans to attend in 2014:

GSA Sheriffs’ Winter Conference
Atlanta, Ga.
January 27-29, 2014

GSA Jail Management Conference
Savannah, Ga.
February 4-6, 2014

GACP Winter Training Conference
Atlanta, Ga
February 10-12, 2014

GSA Command Staff Training Conference
Lake Lanier, Ga.
April 8-10, 2014

GJA Summer Training Conference
Columbus, Ga.
June 21-26, 2014

GACP Summer Training Conference
Savannah, Ga.
July 26-28, 2014

GSA Sheriffs’ Summer Conference
Lake Lanier, Ga.
July 22-24, 2014

GATAC CJIS Training Symposium
Savannah, Ga.
August 19-21, 2014

TCI FTO Training Conference
Pigeon Forge, Tenn.
September 8-12, 2014

GSA Administrative Staff Conference
Savannah, Ga.
September 14-17, 2014

Glossary of Terms:

CJIS – Criminal Justice Information Services.
FTO – Facility Training Officer.
GACP – Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police.
GATAC – Georgia Association of Terminal Agency Coordinators.
GJA – Georgia Jail Association.
GSA – Georgia Sheriffs’ Association.
TCI – Tennessee Corrections Institute.

Millen Police Department, Ga., Becomes EAS Live Scan Customer

We’re pleased to say that Millen Police Department is now an EAS Live Scan customer.  We installed their new Live Scan and trained the agency on its use last week.  The PD chose a non-cabinet Eagle*Print system which includes a compact 10-print fingerprint scanner and a stand-alone USB foot pedal which provides convenient foot control over the print-capture process.

Sumner County Sheriff’s Office, Tenn., Procures Eagle*Print Palm System

We just completed the installation of a brand new Live Scan at Sumner County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee.  The new system is perfect for a jail environment; the hardware consists of a high-quality palm scanner, an industrial monitor and keyboard, and a ruggedized steel cabinet which houses the remaining components.  We’re confident that the new Live Scan, powered by our feature-rich Eagle*Print software, will be a valued addition to the agency’s existing system which will be re-purposed for dedicated use by their Warrants Department.

Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, Ga., Reinstates RMS and Adds JMS

We’re glad to report that Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, a past RMS customer, has reinstated the Eagle*Advantage RMS and added our JMS as well.  Complete and cost-effective solutions in their own right, the combination of the RMS and JMS together is even better.  The tight integration between the suites offers many advantages over operating completely separate programs for records and jail management.  Some highlights of the recently completed project include fresh installs of the latest versions of our software onto a brand new server, the implementation of a remote application solution to connect a satellite office to the main database, and interfaces to the agency’s current EAS Live Scan, CAD suite, and commissary system.  In addition, the data conversion service we offer will enable the sheriff’s office to retain all of the relevant information they gathered and processed while using their legacy JMS software.

Eagle*Print Live Scans Obtained by Sheriff’s Office and Probate Court in Emanuel County, Ga.

We’d like to welcome two new Live Scan customers: Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office and Emanuel County Probate Court.  Each agency now has a brand new Eagle*Print system complete with a fingerprint scanner, computer, monitor, keyboard, battery backup, network switch, and printer.  We were able to adapt an older uncommon style of cabinet at the sheriff’s office to hold their new components, which will primarily be used for submitting Criminal prints.  We installed the equipment at the probate court as a counter top system, which will primarily be used for processing Applicant prints.  Both Live Scan systems are taking advantage of our Internet Protocol Solution (IPS) to securely transmit and receive records over the Internet.  Signing up for EAGLE*IPS eliminated the need for the agencies to maintain a costly dedicated VPN connection to the Georgia AFIS.

Webster County Sheriff’s Office, Ga., Expands Capabilities with RMS/JMS and Mobile Products

A Live Scan customer for many years, Webster County Sheriff’s Office has now added several additional hardware and software products provided by EAS.  The agency upgraded to the Eagle*Advantage RMS/JMS suite, gaining a multitude of enhancements in the process.  The sheriff’s office also implemented a full Eagle*Mobile in-car solution running on ruggedized laptops and mobile printers.  The mobile solution provides features such as GPS-based mapping, E-ticketing, NCIC/GCIC search, and RMS integration including Incident Reporting, Accident Reporting, and Field Interview.  All together, these new products have measurably expanded and modernized the agency’s public safety capabilities.

Fairburn Police Department, Ga., Chooses Eagle*Print Applicant Live Scan

We’re excited to add Fairburn Police Department as a customer and proud that they chose an Eagle*Print system as their first Live Scan.  The solution we provided features a desktop computer, fingerprint scanner, multi-pedal foot switch, widescreen monitor, and laser printer.  It will mainly be used by the police department to process fingerprints and background checks for applicant purposes such as the issuance of gun permits and liquor licenses.  However, like any of our Live Scans operated by a law enforcement agency, the system can be used for other purposes, including the certification of their own officers and the processing of criminal suspects if the need arises.

Haralson County Sheriff’s Office, Ga., Switches Back to EAS as Solutions Provider

We’re delighted to announce that Haralson County Sheriff’s Office has switched back to our RMS/JMS and Live Scan solutions.  Like other recent customers, the sheriff’s office decided to return for some of the advantages we offer over our closest competitors, including our responsive and proactive technical support and on-site service.  To make the transition back to our products as seamless and cost effective as possible, we were able to utilize most of the agency’s existing hardware such as their server, Live Scan cabinet, and fingerprint scanner.

Treutlen County Sheriff’s Office, Ga., Gets New RMS/JMS Package

We’re very enthused to announce the addition of Treutlen County Sheriff’s Office as an Eagle*Advantage customer.  We provided the agency with a solutions package which includes our records and jail management suites, a new IP camera for taking mugshots, integrated accident diagramming software, and a remote application component which allows administrators and users to access the system from off-site locations.  In addition, the Treutlen County Emergency Management Agency is moving forward with the implementation of a new computer-aided dispatch (CAD) suite provided by our strategic partner, ez911, Inc.  After the CAD installation has been completed, deputies will be able to import CAD call data directly into the RMS which will speed up the process of creating incident reports.

Eagle Advantage Solutions and Mobile Innovations Announce Strategic Alliance to Deliver Smartphone and Tablet Computing to Law Enforcement Agencies in Southeastern USA


Known throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and the Southeastern USA as a leader in RMS/JMS for law enforcement, Eagle Advantage Solutions has teamed up with Mobile Innovations Corporation to offer in-vehicle software to run on Android smartphones and tablets.

Atlanta, Ga. – Oct. 18, 2013

Eagle Advantage Solutions, Inc. (EAS), and Mobile Innovations today announced that they have entered into a strategic alliance that will allow Eagle Advantage customers the ability to access Eagle*Advantage RMS/JMS on smartphones and tablets at an affordable price through Eagle*Advantage powered by Mobile Innovations with the first version on Android.

This partnership validates the commitment of EAS and Mobile Innovations to enhancing productivity for law enforcement with the most advanced mobile data products available.

Combining EAS’ leadership in law enforcement software; including records and jail management software, in-car mobile software and biometrics; and Mobile Innovations’ expertise in mobile applications, specifically Android and RIM with iOS to follow; will allow the user to have important information in the field via their smartphone or tablet. Cathy Guillebeau, president of EAS said: “As the leading provider of public safety software in the state of Georgia, I see the financial pressure our small to medium law enforcement agencies are under. A good portion of these agencies would like to have a full mobile solution running on ‘in-car’ laptops, but the cost is just too much. EAS is proud to partner with Mobile Innovations to bring a cost effective law enforcement tool that can be used by an agency of any size.”

About Eagle Advantage Solutions, Inc.

EAS is the largest provider of public safety software in Georgia with 24/7 customer support unmatched by any of our competitors. EAS is a Georgia-based complete systems provider to the public safety community and since 1998, Eagle*Advantage software has been a cost-effective, complete solution for law enforcement. After many years, Eagle*Advantage is a particularly stable product that offers complete functionality and reporting capabilities. In addition to public safety software, EAS provides a full line of applicant and criminal live scan software and hardware.

Many customers who make the decision to try another vendor invariably come back to EAS for the stability and completeness of the product as well as our customer support. EAS is committed to making the latest technology available to public safety departments of all sizes.

For more information, please contact:

Jeff Orzech, Regional Sales Manager
(770) 834-5283, Option 6.

About Mobile Innovations Co.

Mobile Innovations offers applications allowing public safety personnel to utilize RMS, CAD, and public safety software on handhelds and tablets. Users see cost savings due to handhelds and tablets being less expensive than laptops, space with mobile devices being smaller, and greater efficiencies. Mobile Innovations apps are proven and trusted, as they have been utilized on over 11,000 devices across the world since 2006. Mobile Innovations is a privately held company dedicated to enhancing productivity for law enforcement with the most advanced mobile data products available. Mobile Innovations works with over sixty clients across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

For more information, please contact:

Gary Bauer, President
(416) 889-9997